Branding Suite . . .

In my recent report card one of the action points was the completion of my branding package.

There is two fold benefit to branding yourself;

1. There is a psychological benefit. McDonald’s has a brand. Tiffany’s has a brand. Even the simple evocation of a colour can bring these brands to mind. In order to better conceptualize myself as a business entity and take myself seriously . . . I want to have a brand too.

2. There is benefit in how people will see me – perceive me. If I scribble a thank you note on a scrap of paper it will be received differently than branded stationary or postcard from me.

People will take me seriously if I take myself seriously.

People will invest in me if they see I’ve care enough to invest in myself.

Branding isn’t necessary for a business. This is a step that I’ve taken to further solidify my goals. And I’m gaining from both how this solidifies how I see myself and how other see me.

Below are some photos of my branding suite. If you’re interested I bought the bones of this suite on a website called I picked a package that mixed sophistication in both feminine and masculine elements.

Once I bought the branding suite I had Melanie and Gary at Print Three in Kingston, ( personalize it for me. Changing colors and text. Melanie is a joy to work with. (She’s a mindreader.)


My new stationary:  My new post card: (front and back)



stickerMy new general use sticker:  My thank you card:


Business card - front

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