In Praise of Little Projects . . .

Today I took a painting tarp out – then opened my balcony door wide.

Cleaned a few furniture pieces that I’ve collected in the past while and then spray-painted them.

A lamp was painted white with lacquer spray paint and a full-length mirror frame was painted “satin black”.

It probably took me a total of 10 minutes to finish these projects – excluding drying time – but putting these “new life” objects about in my apartment gave me a real sense of satisfaction.

I really like my little projects. A Value Village or a yard sale find turns into something personal and unique – from my touch and imagination.

I have decided that no matter where life takes me, I will always do my little projects.

I love how these completed projects bring my touch to each room.

I love how they create a balance to the things I own. Brand new beside “new to me/touched by my hand”.

As I put up my mirror I thought, “I never want to lose this connection with the objects around me”.

It will keep me grounded.

It’s a lot of fun – to me.

It will remind me of my creativity and unique vision for the world.

It will remind me of the value of the work we do with our hands.    

It was even meditative in it’s way. A short break between other (more weighty things) that were occupying my mind. For a few minutes, here and there, I took breaks and focused on something that took my mind away. 

It is fun to unwrap a brand-new item from a store. (Place it in your home where you envisioned it.)

It is even more fun to clean, sand, prime and paint something that you found . . . that becomes something no one else has.

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5 Responses to In Praise of Little Projects . . .

  1. Jennifer says:

    Looks amazing!!!

  2. girlcalledlovely says:

    You inspire me!

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