The “Get-Away” Plan . . .

Now that I know my call is coming I have to be prepared.

It’s pretty surreal to think one day (hopefully soon) my phone will ring and it will be Toronto with a new kidney for me. Needless to say, my phone has been by my side and on, lately. (I am famous for forgetting the ringer off but I’m not forgetting now.)

So here’s the plan . . .

I have a bag that about 90% packed. Stuff for the hospital. Stuff for the hotel in Toronto – where I will live for a few weeks to a month after the surgery. Cords for the electronics. Books. Brand new pajamas and undies. Candles for the hotel.


I have a list of people for me to call, text and email on my way to Toronto. Friends, family, etc.

I will also write a blog post here. Probably something as short as, “On my way to Toronto – I got the call for my new kidney”. I figure I can write more when I am recovering, and killing time in Toronto, before I am allowed to go back home.

I also have a short list of professional notifications; my boss (Queen’s University), contacts at Kingston General Hospital related to my volunteer work, my life coach and my nurses.

After my transplant, when I am discharged from the hospital, I will live in Toronto in a residence hotel called, One King West. (Amazing boutique hotel, btw. I’ve blogged about it before and posted some beautiful photos).¬†Because this is a resident hotel I will also need groceries and things like dishwashing detergent and laundry stuff. Luckily my Aunt has offered to bring that stuff to Toronto for me – when I am getting settled.

I am looking forward to some semblance of normalcy at One King West where I can cook, go to the on-site gym and do laundry. (I am very positive to assume that I’ll be well enough to be up and around. Last transplant I do remember being in great shape by day 5 and leaving the hospital 6 days, post-surgery. I trust it will go that well again and maybe even better as I am very physically fit now.)

It is very exciting to wait for “the call”. I wish it was as predictable as waiting to deliver a baby – not that delivering a baby is like clock-work. At least here are some signs to look for.

Nine months.

Water breaking.


Signs!!!! (I’d love a sign.)

The last time, in 1996, I remember receiving the call from Royal Victoria Hospital (in Montreal) and hearing the transplant coordinators excited voice telling me to get to the hospital right away – for my kidney. From the time of that call to when I checked in at the hospital I was a happy, anxious wreck!! Too excited to concentrate or make any sense. *smh*

This time . . .

We’ll see how I’ll be. Hopefully I can keep my head on straight. Luckily I will NOT be driving myself up to Toronto so I’ll have a few hours to cool my jets.

I’ll keep you posted.


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