A Book and it’s Lesson . . .

I am finishing up with a cook book project right now with Chris De La Rosa of CaribbeanPot.com. (I feel so blessed).

Last week, in my role as “project manager” of the book, I looked over a final book file. I received the file from our editor, Izabela Szydlo and our designer, Ashley McKenzie-Barnes. Once I looked it over – a beautiful photo-filled, print-ready pdf document (that had my mouth watering) – I sent the file through to the printer.


As an author of my own up-coming book (it’s in the works), it occurred to me to look at this project  with CaribbeanPot.com and reflect on the lessons I am meant to learn from it.

Working on this book was like having a relationship, to me.
The excitement of having this experience.
The commitment factor. (Sticking with the project despite challenges).
The time necessary to complete this book – work wise.
The hopes and expectations I am putting into this project.

“The Vibrant Caribbean Pot: 100 Traditional and Fusion Recipes, Vol. 2” by Chris De La Rosa of CaribbeanPot.com.


This book is a labour of love.

My work with CaribbeanPot.com and with Chris is close to my heart as a Caribbean person.

And the book is beautiful – photos of food that will make you want to lick the pages!!

The content is strong.

A passion for cooking and Caribbean culture are evident in Chris’ anecdotes and his heart-felt words.

This book makes me PROUD. It reminds me of the rich culture that I’m from. It reminds me of family and the food I grew up with – in a Trinidadian home.

This project also reminds me to be proud of what we accomplish in life.

Chris started CaribbeanPot.com as a humble little recipe portal to share with his kids as they grew into adults. It’s now blossomed into the international hub for all things Caribbean cuisine. Over a million people experience Chris online (website, videos and social media) on a monthly basis.

At this point you might imagine that he’s satisfied but, of course, he’s not. There is so much more possible, and out there, to accomplish.

But . . . in spite of the trajectory and amazing goals ahead, I believe Chris should acknowledge what has happened so far. What he has accomplished so far. All the amazing work that it took to get to this place.

That is the lesson I am learning from being a part of this project.

No matter how much further I can see down the road – in hopes of further success – I want to be mindful and proud of how far I’ve come too.

Finding that balance. Not so proud that I would stop working and be complacent. Yet humble enough to want to work harder and more.

As I’ve mentioned before, I learn a lot working with Chris and CaribbeanPot.com.

I want to take this moment to acknowledge the work of the whole team.

I want to thank Chris, Izabela and Ashley for a life-changing experience.

So excited to eventually hold the first copy – a proof – in my hands in the near future. 🙂

Please support Chris, CaribbeanPot.com and Caribbean culture and cuisine by buying a copy at www.CaribbeanPot.com/book-2!!

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