Bring Life IN . . .

A few months ago I learned about a life scan exercise where you look at different aspects of your life and rate these areas – with an aim on improving your life.

Here is the original post from my blog –

My worst “area” was Nature. The area that concerns my contact with plants, animals, parks, lakes, forests and the outdoors.

It doesn’t help that I live in Canada – where we’re in the middle of a deep freeze and a never-ending winter. I am better with being outside in spring, summer and fall.

I doesn’t help that I’m a tropical, hot-sun person . . . despite being born in Canada. (The Trini in my is strong!)

So . . . what to do?

Why not bring the outdoors in?

It would seem like I’m on track with this . . . my place is full of beautiful flowers – thanks to my local housewares store. There are flowers or plants in every room.

But . . . none of these beautiful blossoms are real.

*womp, womp*

So, the plan is to bring some REAL plants in to my home environment.

I found a simple and manageable idea on Pinterest.

Succulents in course sand, in simple glass containers. (And succulents are related to cactus plants so I figure they are “me-proof”!!)


I asked my local florist friend to order some succulents for me to chose from. (I especially love the one’s that look like green lotus flowers.)

I’ve placed one by the window I meditate by on mornings.


I planted one in a plastic container (that looks exactly like the glass ones) so it can come to the hospital with me when I get my new kidney – and stay with me during my recovery in the hotel in Toronto.



I’m quite happy with this plan. I have a few more glass containers lined up. I’ll buy more sand too. My florist friend will help me plant a few more succulents for my home.

I think the secret to the success of this plan was keeping things very simple and manageable.

I think the next life I bring into my home will be a puppy.

(That will be my post-transplant adventure!!)

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