Post-Surgery Update . . .

Wanted to write an update after my surgery this week.

I am at home, resting and enjoying some down time.

Things went well.


I woke up in the recovery room in a lot of pain but once it was under control I haven’t had to even use pain meds.

Between my Aunt, my friend Jennifer and the great staff at Kingston General Hospital – things went as well as a surgery can.

Since coming home I’ve been blessed to have great visits, touching phone calls and lots of “get well” food. (I am feeling spoiled.)

I am thankful that the procedure went well. 

I am also very thankful (and relieved) to get this surgery over with.

I am ready for the BIG ONE now . . . kidney transplant here I come!!


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2 Responses to Post-Surgery Update . . .

  1. Katie ireland says:

    Good to know, let me know if you need anything, Katie

    • kns544 says:

      Thanks, Katie. You will find it interesting – once I told staff I was a Patient Experience Advisor – I had some interesting reactions. (It came up in the recovery room. I’ll call you next week and explain.)

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