No one creates SUCCESS alone! *wipes brow with relief*

I’ve been really drawn to biography shows lately.

And instead of watching episodes that feature people I like or admire (who I probably already know about) I am watching shows on a range of people. Even learning about people I think I don’t like or have anything in common with.

I am open to learning lessons from these examples.

I am especially interested in finding common themes and events that contributed to these peoples success.
It’s very interesting.

The thing that I see over and over again are the moments when these public figures (scientists, musicians, actors, politicians, philosophers, authors, etc.) recount the help they had to succeed.

It’s always a moment when someone believed in them.
Mentored them.
Gave them their first shot.
Invested in them.

It’s such a powerful moment. (Many of these people get emotional as they recall these people and moments in their lives – seeing how pivotal it was in all the success that followed.)

Seeing this is positive on so many levels.
It makes me hopeful.
Bigger than any hope it could give me though it is a relief to know that no one makes it one their own.
Everyone mentions the collaborative nature of success. That no one can make it on their own.

What a weight off our shoulders in being reminded of this.


For the past few months I have been asking God/universe/who-whatever(?) for mentors and sponsors in my life.
People who see in me what I see in myself.
People willing to invest in me with time, money or resources.
Praying only gets you so far.

Now I am being more active in this process by sending out introductory packages about me, my goals and my current progress.
I’ve compiled a list of people I’d like to meet or work with . . . and I am sending packages out to these people and working to create relationships with them.

It’s a very exciting time.
I’ve heard back from a few people with advice and encouragement.
It’s nice to know that what I’ve aiming to do is being taken seriously. People see the value in my goals and my progress.

I am working to turn every one of these relationships into a positive opportunity.
Offering my service.
Sharing my messages.
Taking the advice given.
Being grateful.

I am amazed at how universe is rewarding me for putting myself out there and seeking this help.
So many new opportunities are presenting themselves. (Think of the metaphor of the branch with many little branches growing off of it.)

I am also seeing how lovingly I am being handled in this situation. We think of life as the school of hard knocks – and in many aspects it is – yet in being turned away or told no I am being handled very delicately.

I am thankful for these experiences. And thankful that I feel brave enough to reach out to these people and to learn from them – even in very simple ways.

As a closing and an example . . .

I am reaching out to literary agents now too. An agent who will help me get published and help me best present myself to get a book deal. (A goal that means a lot to me.) I think the structure of having someone with expectations of me with my writing would be good for my follow-through and discipline right now towards that goal. 

Anyway, I went through some of my favorite books and authors to find out who represents them. Then I did research to find out how these agents like to be approached and then I reached out to them.

I got my first rejection letter a few days ago. Sounds like a bad thing but surprisingly it was not. The rejection letter was so touching and thoughtful.

I want to share some of this letter with you. (I won’t include the name of the agency – because I’m not sure of legal implications.) The letter is especially sweet because it’s a form rejection letter – the one everyone get:

Dear Author,
There’s no easy way to compose a form rejection letter and no easy way to receive one.

Your submission was reviewed and we decided not to represent it. This doesn’t mean it won’t be right for another agent or a publishing house. Many successful books have been rejected many times for many reasons before becoming successful. Sometimes poor decisions are made and my agency is no exception. Like all established agencies, we are only able to represent a small fraction of the many prospects we see.

Please don’t give up or become discouraged. There are many opportunities out there. We want you to succeed even if it causes us to kick ourselves for letting you get away. Thank you for giving us a chance.


This thoughtfully worded and express letter reminds me that seeking my success need not being a scary, intimidating process.

That even in falling (and failing) universe will often provide a soft place to land.

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