Trusting the LEAP . . .

In life we begin to hear and see certain messages over and over again.

Right now the re-occurring message is to be fearless and just say, “yes”.

Not only am I repeatedly seeing the message I am also being led to books and resources that help me to be courageous – or to understand why I should be courageous.

My life coach had me reading a book called, “Taming your Gremlin” by Richard D. Carson. This book is about making peace with the critical voice we all have in our heads that tries to talk us out of doing new things. How to get past the power of that voice.

My Aunt and cousin suggested that I read the book, “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg. This book is encouragement for women to assert ourselves and to be present at the “table” in our professional lives.

In between those books I’ve found many articles and inspirational quotes that say the same things.


With all of these messages coming to me, I figured I better prove I was listening . . .

I have sent out all of my promotional packages with the goal of creating relationships with corporation and non-profits that I believe my message(s) can compliment. I am building relationships with many of these entities now.

I have reached out to literary agents towards being represented with my first book. I will keep reaching out to these agents until I find someone who believes in my message and my books.

I am working on getting a video completed of one of my talks – for my website. This will be amazing validation of my speaking and ability to share my message.

(There are a few other happenings in the works that I will share when I can.)

A few lessons I am learning in this leap . . .

1. Although I am planting a lot of professional “seeds” all at the same time they will not all come to fruition at the same time. Luckily each of these projects has its own season. It would seem overwhelming to pursue all of these goals at the same time but they are all evolving slowly and in a manageable way.

2. Broken down into manageable steps, even the most intimidating goal is doable. It’s like wading from the shallow end to the deep end of a pool . . . instead of just jumping in at the deep end. Somehow I can deal with that approach to completing goals more easily.

3. I am not alone in pursuing these goals – the right support seems to be miraculously appearing. From my life coach to people I meet at conferences to friend and family who will pipe in with some thought or insight that helps me along the way.

In all this I have to be thankful.

I also have to be proud of myself for making progress towards my goals.
*big smile*

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