A Spirit bigger than Mesothelioma . . .

I don’t usually do this but I am going to use this post to talk about a disease other than kidney disease (or heart disease) and the journey I am on.

I receive a request from a husband, advocating on his wife’s behalf, to raise awareness on mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is a type of respiratory cancer that people get from exposure to Asbestos.

His email went on to explain how his wife, Heather, was diagnosed with this cancer – 8 years ago – and beat it!! Her story is a rare case. She now lives with one lung . . . and from the photos he sent, she appears to be thriving.


A few things struck me about this:

1. One of my good friends lost her father to this cancer when I was in high school. I remember the immense impact this loss had on the family. I always remember that difficult time.

2. I was touched that this couple had managed to stay together and overcome this incident. I know how hard illness is on a relationship from first-hand experience.

3. I appreciate anyone who aims to thrive DESPITE a difficult health experience.

Here’s some info on MESOTHELIOMA: (US info)

  • close to 3, 000 people are diagnosed with Mesothelioma each year
  • people are given (on average) 10 months to live with their diagnosis
  • this disease is difficult to diagnose because it’s symptoms closely resemble other respiratory conditions
  • symptoms may not appear until 30 to 60 years after exposure
  • Asbestos causes this cancer
  • Asbestos can be found in older homes, schools, factories and commercial buildings – and is dangerous when it becomes worn or damaged and airborne
  • no amount of Asbestos exposure is safe
  • it is possible to experience second-hand Asbestos exposure by touching clothing or items that have Asbestos fibers on them

There is a lot more to learn. Please go to http://www.mesothelioma.com for more information.

A point that resonates most with me is . . . no matter our diagnosis, however fatal, SOMETIMES we overcome. (My life is an example of that too.)

And bigger than just overcoming, we become compelled to share what we’ve been through to possibly improve the lives of other people.

I believe that’s the REASON WE OVERCOME. The reason we’re given the GRACE to overcome.


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3 Responses to A Spirit bigger than Mesothelioma . . .

  1. natella111 says:

    I love what you said about the reason to overcome the disease – one must never loose hope! 🙂

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