“The Tomatoes in the Geranium pot” Lesson . . .

Very few points in my life go unnoticed or without some type of reflection. My life philosophy orients me towards looking for lessons everywhere.

Of course, if you look you will find. 🙂

So, todays blog is a reflection on the tomatoes growing in my balcony flower pots. Tomato plants growing with with geraniums.

I just find it so amazing because . . . I DIDN’T PLANT THEM!!

photo 4photo 3photo 2photo 1

(They’re a little hard to see in the photos because the tomatoes are small and green.)

I’ve heard a few theories about “bird poop seeds” and “old soil” but I just find it amazing because I am reaping a little harvest that I didn’t plant.

I feel like it’s a reminder, that for all the seeds we plant ourselves – with expectations of harvests – we can also be open to reaping rewards from seeds we didn’t plant too. 

Right now as I set goals and work to bring projects to manifestation I am reminded – with my tomato plants – that my efforts are the tip of the iceberg. I can’t even fathom the good that life has in store for me.

I am also resisting my impulse to control what’s happening in the flower pots. The tomatoes are definitely overpowering the geraniums – which I could fight. Instead I am simply observing and having peace with what is organically happening. (It’s actually pretty interesting to watch this all unfold.)

And when my tomatoes are ripe I will enjoy them with a sense of the magic of their existence. Each tomato a simple gift that I didn’t expect.

We should be open to amazing surprises.

Things we didn’t expect.

Things we couldn’t imagine for ourselves.

And whoever and/or whatever makes these “surprises” possible??

We DON’T NEED TO UNDERSTAND all that. We just need to be thankful and to move forward with an air of miraculous expectancy.

And why not??? *wink*

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