When You’re Ready to Receive the Lesson, the TEACHER will appear . . .

I should start by thanking you – the people who care enough to read my blog – for the accountability you’ve represented for me. Your accountability has been huge for me and given me a boost to really work on my writing. Thank You!!

Because I know that you’re reading these posts, I have worked hard to keep up with my schedule, as best as possible. I haven’t been perfect with my goal of two blog posts a week but I’ve tried my best under the circumstances.

This blog originally began as a way for me to write and share my experience – as a person living with chronic illnesses and waiting for a kidney transplant. In that way it’s been very important for me.

It’s helped me to be more confident as a writer.

It’s helped me to begin to find my voice as a writer.

It’s helped me to understand how to begin to tell my story.

Writing this blog and getting the beautiful feedback from you (in the form of likes and personal emails) as shown me that there is, in fact, a “place” for me as a writer. And that what I am writing is appreciated and needed.

Thank you so much for that reassurance. Your support. Your kind words. Your presences.

Thank you.


Eventually it became time for me to step my writing “game up” a little, so to speak. But I wasn’t sure how that was going to happen?

Et Voila!

Someone has come into my life and volunteered to be my accountability “coach” in my writing – towards writing my book. Telling my story.

It couldn’t have happened more perfectly.

We met through mutual friends and he immediately offered to work with me – informally – to help me make some progress on my writing goals.

And it’s not even one-sided . . . I am also holding him accountable in writing his second book – a novel. Here is a link to his first novel, which I read and loved. (I definitely recommend reading it.)  www.piousbook.com 


I will still continue to write my blog but now I am also writing a series of experiences that will culminate in a book – eventually.

It’s an interesting experience for me because I simply have a schedule of writing sessions to accomplish in a week. I am making a commitment to sit down at the computer and just write . . . express what I went through in my “sick to fit” journey.

Once I write an “experience” I simply email it to Kenn. I get some general feedback from him. And I keep going.

I am not yet thinking about structure or the whole journey of my experience – in written form. For now it’s a simple process of getting the experiences down.

I am so thankful that Kenn, was able to help me think of this book in a less intimidating and manageable way too. I knew what I had to do but he helped me by breaking this process down into small, less intimidating steps.

Once a body of work has been built up I can think about structure and order and what works and what doesn’t. I’m not there yet.

It’s like the creation of a huge bouquet. I am simply picking flowers for now.

I can’t overstate how thankful I am to have this guidance in my life right now. And the experience of working with someone who is very bright, thoughtful and accomplished. His presence makes me step up my game. Stick to my goals – so far. And I am learning a lot from reading his work and talking with him about the process of writing.

I have to say, this is a “when you’re ready for the lesson the teacher will appear” moment for me.

I am very thankful for these teachers appearing in my life . . . and working hard to show that I am appreciative of the opportunities they give me.

I will keep you posted on the progress I am making . . . toward my first book. *yikes*


My review of “Pious” by Kenn Bivins:

This book is written in keeping with of an economy of words and yet it expresses a lot. Carefully chosen words will remind you of the brush strokes of an experienced artist. Deliberate, simple yet powerful in conveying much.

With masterful story telling we are privy to a whole complex world. This world exposes a series of morally gray-scaled lives and life experiences. Bivins is able to show the “whole picture” in a way that makes each character relatable in a brutally honest, human sense. Making sense of the acts of a murderer and the acts of a sex offender through the humble, impious honesty of telling their whole stories. Granting them more than just being one-dimensional stereotypes. Helping us to see the “every man” in them and thus in ourselves too.

The writing is smooth and slick where it needs to be and vulgar and harsh where that is necessary too.

“Pious” is the best of real life, caught in microcosm, and retold in novel form. A walk through a city like NY where fives minutes is aptly represented by a flash of a cream-coloured Bentley – cream-coloured fur-clad patron inside. Quickly followed by the sight (and sound) of a vagrant vomiting painfully in an alley.


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