Nudge, Nudge, Say No More . . .

Today I received a gentle nudge to remind me about doing video blogs. How I should consider doing them more often.

And reminding me that short videos are probably the most powerful way to communicate these days. 

Point taken. (Thank you.)


I do find it a lot easier to just write something and then find a complimentary image to accompany the post – using Google.

Perhaps it’s time to step up my game?

I have a good post topic lined up to explore, in a video, later this week. I even went and looked at standing camera tripods today. (I am taking this seriously, people.) 🙂

Look for a video blog (vlog) from me later on this week.

I appreciate the feedback.

* Hope someone appreciates my Monty Python skit reference in the photo. It’s “funny to me”.

** Disclaimer: Please do not hold my self-produced videos to the standard of the “Video Intro” on the home page of this blog. That video was professionally produced – using multiple cameras, sound and light kits. My videos will be a little more low tech. *sarcasm* 

It’s about the message – not so much about the medium. (Although, I will try my best.)

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