Moved to Tears by MEDIA LOVE . . .

It’s not often that a person has to eat his or her words. (I hope I got that expression right? I am famous for getting expressions wrong.)

In the past I have said that the media doesn’t have much love for kidney disease. What an amazing day it is when I have to take those words back . . . 

I received an email from Kerry McCloy, the Fund Development Officer of the Kingston Branch of the Kidney foundation, with a list of media links . . . all links are features for the upcoming Kidney Walk!!


I took the time to open each feature.

Each link a sign that the media does care about those of us living with kidney disease.

Each link a sign that our experiences and what we go through means something.

And each link giving me hope that money will be raised (and awareness will be raised) for this cause that is so close to my heart.

*I am on the dialysis machine as I write this post*

I was moved to tears.

I want to thank the local media . . .

  • Whig Standard
  • Kingston Heritage EMC
  • CKWS News
  • Station 14
  • TVCocego – Kingston


Whig Standard:

Kingston Heritage EMC:

CKWS-Newswatch at 11:
To view: click News on Demand, Wednesday tab, newswatch @ 11 – starts: 4:33, ends: 6:24

CKWS-The WS Daily:
To view: click News on Demand, Wednesday tab, Daily 2nd half – starts: 7:43, ends: 11:35

Station 14 Kingston:
To view: Click on the Taking Steps for hope video

TV Cocego Kingston – Look for an ad on the Message Board between shows on their station

I am truly thankful and overwhelmed with the amazing support the media has given us.

Those of us living with Kidney Disease feel the impact of fundraising and awareness pretty directly. We benefit from programs, research, financial aid and medical innovations, made possible from fundraising dollars. 

We appreciate the help. Our lives are improved because you care.


The Kingston Kidney Walk is this Sunday – September 21st!!


Registration is at 10:00am at the Woolen Mill off of Rideau Street, btw. The walk starts at 11am.

Support this cause with a donation or with your presence. ❤

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