Something Positive to Come Back For . . .

Fingers crossed . . . but I may have the opportunity to try the new dialysis machines for the hospital in the new year.

The new machines are the NxStage dialysis machines. Portable. Easier to set-up and use. Travel-friendly. (Google it if you’re curious).

I have “generously” offered myself as the guinea pig and I am just waiting to get word as to if and when this trial will happen. (I am being sarcastic with the word generous because I am so excited for the benefits I anticipate for this machine – and for other patients that I don’t feel terribly altruistic about it!)


As I speculate (which I am known to do) I wonder if I am not meant to experience this machine before I get my next kidney transplant?

I wonder if I am meant to experience an easier (more life-friendly) version of dialysis so that when I consider dialysis, as a post-transplant option, I am more optimistic about wanting to do dialysis again????

When my next transplant fails, I will have the option of doing dialysis again. Great to have the option but that will be my third round with dialysis. I had already decided that I wasn’t going to obligate myself to do dialysis for the third time unless I really wanted to live.

The important factor in that equation was my current dialysis schedule – with the obstacles and sacrifices therein:

  • I am not comfortable to travel as I would have to allow another dialysis clinic to take care of me. As a home patient I like to be in control of the quality and timing (crucial point) of my care.
  • It takes around 45 minutes to get on my machine each time. And the set-up is complicated.
  • My current machine is not portable and I can only do dialysis at home in my dialysis room.
  • My current machine required thousands of dollars in electric and plumbing work. If I want to move I must renovate my next place to be “dialysis machine ready” at significant cost.

The NxStage machine takes care of almost all of the variables that make dialysis particularly difficult for me at this time.

  • I would be able to travel with a NxStage machine and be in control of my care and treatment schedule – as I am used to. (Aaaaaaamazing!)
  • Set-up is between 20 and 30 minutes and is much more simple with the NxStage machine.
  • With a NxStage machine I can do dialysis anywhere in my house.
  • The NxStage system does not require special plumbing or electric so I would be free to move if I wanted to.

All of a sudden I am imagining a reality better than I thought possible as a home hemodialysis patient. Which is a HUGE DEAL for me.


NxStage user basking in the SUN (poolside) . . . insert me in this photo, please.


Is the reality of this new machine good enough to ease the burden of dialysis?

Make it less of a sacrifice to my quality of life?

Easier to live with – taking into consideration the things that are important to me?

I think YES. And I am certainly willing to find out.  😀

The better the quality of life for me as a dialysis patient, the more likely I will consider doing round three with dialysis later in my life. Period.

I am excited to see how life will be with this new dialysis system.

I look forward to my first trip. (I’m thinking Atlanta or Florida to see family.)

I look forward to improvements in my day-to-day life.

I look forward to having more time and a little less stress.

I do believe that leaving dialysis on a positive note will increase my chances of ever wanting to return to it.

That is HUGE for me.

Improvements in dialysis could mean the difference between me enjoying a longer life or not.

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