Kingston General Hospital CEO (Leslee Thompson) Graciously cites my MESSAGE in essay . . .

Wanted to thank Leslee Thompson, the CEO of Kingston General Hospital, for citing me in an essay she co-wrote about patient engagement in healthcare ,for the December issue of

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Leslee co-authored the essay with Hugh McLeod, (CEO, Canadian Patient Safety Institute).

The publication, Longwoods’ mission “is to enable excellence in enabling wellness and providing care. We serve people and communities through their providers of health policies, services, products and care”.

I am cited within the essay from the perspective of being a Patient Experience Advisor.

General Essay Excerpt:

I am joined on the “balcony of personal reflection” by Leslee Thompson. Below us is a grand sight, healthcare with all its moving parts. We are dreaming of a chance to ignite patient-powered healthcare. Here is a brief scene from our REM daydream. We have been invited to an expert panel meeting hosted by Provincial, Territorial and Federal Ministers of Health. The Ministers have agreed to focus on one high-leverage play, the patient voice. And yes, we do have a magic wand, but so far we haven’t had to use it.

Excerpt from my Citation:

Helene Campbell (@alungstory) is a stellar example of this evolving empowerment. At a recent conference of over 2500 healthcare leaders she said to us, “I am the CEO of me” as she pulled out her smartphone and smiled. “This is the way I communicate, and this is the way I need to be able to interact with MY healthcare team.” Karen Nicole Smith (@KNSWriter), a patient experience advisor at KGH explains: “I am the one living with kidney disease, doing my home dialysis, waiting for a transplant and managing my health risks every moment of every day. I see you (the system) for about a few hours a month, which is a very small percentage of my life; the rest of the time I am on my own, and managing my situation is up to me.” Like other empowered people she is clear that healthcare experts have a critical role to play in her circle of life, but that while experts come and go, she is the one constant in her healthcare experience. “I have come to realize that I am a lived experience expert, and together with your expertise, we are a formidable team.”

I am so touched . . . and not from a paternalistic perspective (like someone is doing me a favour), I am touched because being cited reminds me that my experience, the experience of all Patient Experience Advisors, is valuable and powerful and necessary.

Events like this further reassure me that what we’ve been through, as patients, is not for nothing.

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