4 Year Cardiac Arrest Anniversary . . .

Yesterday was the four year anniversary of my near fatal cardiac arrest.

I took a day to reflect on all the good that’s happened since then.

I reached out to friends and family who were there for me during that difficult time. Especially those who participated in saving my life. I thanked them for being there and for loving me.

I reached out to people who mean a lot to me in general. (Including wonderful people that I’ve met since my cardiac arrest).  And thanked them for their presence.

I did my usual Sunday routine. Positive reading. Yoga. Meditation. Reflection on things I am thankful for.

Later in the day, I ate pizza and wings with one of my aunts. Coincidentally, in the house with the cardiac arrest happened. She chastised me for giving her the scare of her life. We watch movies and laughed together. (Of course, I fell asleep during one of the movies and missed the middle!)

Overall, I am feeling  very thankful. A real sense that I have A LOT to be thankful for.

Although I am still on dialysis and waiting for a call for a kidney, I still have a really wonderful life. And the energy and enthusiasm to work at making my life even better. With amazing things to look forward to. (With or without a new kidney).


That’s all . . .

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2 Responses to 4 Year Cardiac Arrest Anniversary . . .

  1. Bell, Daryl W. says:

    So glad you are here Karen. Just think of all you’ve managed to cram into the past 4 years!


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