Home Dialysis Machine/System Transition : Part 2


My team and I had anticipated that my NxStage training would take just over a week.

Unfortunately the change in system put me off balance physically – specifically my potassium level being too low. (My team takes my potassium level very seriously as it was part of the reason I had a cardiac arrest in 2011).

As we worked to get things in range, I struggled with the side effects of low potassium. As you may imagine, experiencing fatigue and having concentration issues does not set you up for success as you’re learning something new. Thankfully, we got everything settled and I was able to go home in three weeks.

Those three weeks, doing dialysis and training at the hospital, I was reminded me that home dialysis is really the best option for me. (So thankful for options! Choice.)

During that time, I had to coordinate around my team’s schedule, which was difficult. Luckily I was able to have some time off from work. I missed the gym a bit too.

I made the sacrifice of going to the hospital 5 days a week. That was rough because the hospital environment gives me anxiety. At home I can keep a sense of normalcy to my life. At the hospital I can’t avoid being “sick”.

My home life was affected during that time too.

A good outcome was . . . I completely cleaned and organized the dialysis room. For a while it was simply a guest bedroom.


Chair and long pillow are a little match-matchy but you get the idea. 🙂

I received my first NxStage supply order during those three weeks. Unfortunately there was a delivery order mistake. (It happens with all dialysis companies. No big deal). I got double my supplies but worked with my NxStage coordinator to get that situation settled. It took no time.


This double order was resolved very quickly with no hassle.

In the end, I got my new supplies all into my closet. I love having everything tucked away.

The clean-up set me up, spatially and perhaps even psychologically, to receive my new machine. And to start this new chapter.

* big smile *

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