Open Letter to NxStage Tech Support Guy . . .

Wanted to share an experience I had with the NxStage technical support line. And what I would say to him if I knew who he were.


That’s not the actual guy, btw. 🙂

Sometimes, because of my busy schedule, I am a little tired when I’m getting on the machine. And when I’m tired I make simple mistakes . . . as we all do.

Dear Technical Support Guy,

Last week when I called, tired and almost in tears (late on a Friday night), you were so patient and kind with me. When you noticed I was frustrated and nearly in tears your tone became even kinder and more patient.

Thanks for helping me right the situation so I could continue and finish my treatment. Thanks for suggesting we stay on the phone a little longer – so you could make sure my problem was fully corrected.

I appreciate you very much.


Karen Nicole

In all honesty, I’ve called the NxStage Technical Support line quite a few times. Every time I’ve spoken to someone kind and knowledgeable. I am amazed at how much these people know.

As a general statement, I must say, having this number to call makes a huge difference to my dialysis experience and to my peace of mind.

Knowing that I can call someone, no matter the time of day, gives me an extra level of assurance that I am supported. Support means a lot to me.

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