Messages from a Powerful Interview with e-Patient Dave . . .

Our attention span for watching videos has changed – it’s very low these days. So for me to suggest you watch a video over 30 minutes long . . . you know there has to be some real value here.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.39.47 AM

Dave deBronkart, also known as e-Patient Dave. This interview is between Dave deBronkart for the Mayo Clinic’s “Healing Words” program for their in-patient TV channel, produced by Mayo’s Dolores Jean Lavins Center for Humanities in Medicine.

Here is a link to the actual interview: It is so worth the time.

Dave deBronkart is an international patient engagement advocate, speaker, author of Let Patients Help: A Patient Engagement Handbook, and a blogger. This short bio really does no justice to who and what Mr. deBronkart does. Here is a link to his “About” page on his website.

I was moved to tears watching this interview. There were so many points that touched me as a person living with chronic illnesses.

Here are a few points that I came away with after watching the video.

  1. Managing negativing thinking when dealing with illness is very important. It frees one to be effective in order to do the things that are really important at that time.
  2. Laughing improves health. Laughter is a way to manage negative thinking while dealing with an illness. Laughter may have it’s own power to make us better that we do not yet fully understand with our current level of science.
  3. Doing as much (in life) as you did before you were diagnosed, with your illness, signals to your body not to start shutting down. If you do less (activity) your body will shut down taking your activity level as a sign that you’re dying.
  4. We set the tone with friends and family about how to treat us with our illness. They learn from us how to react.
  5. Going through illness (something very hard) alone is not nobel . . . we have to give of ourselves completely to be open enough to receive all that comes back to us. (WOW!!)
  6. Consider writing a letter to your disease . . . or diseases.

Closing quote . . .

“When you’re facing the question, ‘Is the universe done with me?’ . . . and people start coming out of the woodwork and cheering for you – and there still was not guarantee – but at least I had a sense that if I was going down, I was reconnecting with people.”

Here is a link to the book that encapsulates some of what he spoke about.

Here is a link to Mr. deBronkart’s other books. Including, Laugh, Sing and Eat like a Pig.

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