Sometimes we are just guided towards doing the right things.

A lot of times when I’m on the dialysis machine I will watch stand-up comedy shows.

They are longer videos – to help pass time . . . and I am a person who loves to laugh.


This is a photo of sculptures depicting a good laugh. The artist is David Naman. BTW, just googling pictures of people laughing WILL make you laugh!

I recently learned about Norman Cousins, a man who believed he cured himself of a painful type of arthritis through intensive laughter sessions.

Traditional medicine failed to relieve the pain he was experiencing, so Cousins left the hospital and checked into a hotel. At the hotel he took large doses of vitamin C and watched TV sitcoms and Marx Brothers films. Cousins found that 10 minutes of “belly laughter” allowed him two hours of pain-free sleep. Eventually he actually recovered from the arthritis and wrote a series of best-selling books on the relationship between humor and healing. His account of healing through laughter was described in his book, Anatomy of an Illness as Described by the Patient, which inspired research into the relationship between emotions and health – research that continues to this day.

I don’t believe you have to be sick to benefit from laughing. I think it works for everyone. A good tool in our “keeping ourselves sane toolkit”.

Not sure if science understands how laughter is healing but frankly I don’t care if it’s understand or not. It feels good.

I have to thank Dave Chapelle, Jamie Foxx, Bill Burr, Russell Peters, Louis C. K. and many other stand-up comedians for helping me to get through this time.

And many other difficult times in my life, I should add. I remember playing Eddie Murphy’s Delirious cassette on repeat. Yes, I said “cassette”!! LOL.


This post was inspired by a talk by Dave deBronkart. Here is a link to my blog post about his talk and all the messages he shared.

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