Adding BOUNDLESS to my Life . . .

Had a revelation about being more happy if I put less focus on my health. I think that makes perfect sense.

In keeping with that perspective I will be blogging on here at about a once a month basis . . . and putting my primary energy towards a new online “entity” – boundlesslife.

For now boundlesslife is a YouTube channel, an Instagram account and a Pinterest board. Eventually there will be a blog too. And I will post from both karennicolesmith and boundlesslife on my existing Facebook professional page and on my Twitter.

What is boundlesslife?

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 9.38.11 PM

It is a forum for me to talk about the things I do to stay happy and balanced.

For me that’s fitness, fashion, food. Decor and DIY. The balance act of yoga and meditation. Having fun!!

Here is a link to the first boundlesslife video on YouTube.

I believe if I concentrate on making my life outside of dialysis and heart disease better (basically more fun) I will have an amazing overall benefit! I believe this new blog, boundlesslife, will enable me to flourish by pushing me to live my best life.

Please join me in this new lifestyle blog. I am enjoying it so much already – even all the video editing!!

Here’s a little sneak peak . . .

Untitled design-2

If you like what you see please, SUBSCRIBE, give me a THUMBS UP or COMMENT.

Thank you!!!


BLOG: Coming soon!!




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2 Responses to Adding BOUNDLESS to my Life . . .

  1. Lynda says:

    You got it!!!!

    • kns544 says:

      Thanks, Lynda!! It feels different this time. Like I’m being guided towards what’s right. Thanks for being such a positive part of this shift. Our connection is special to me.

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