www.facesofhealthcare.ca feature . . .

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 Photo Credit: Seema Marwaha http://www.facesofhealthcare.ca

I want to share an amazing experience with you. I had the tremendous opportunity to be interviewed for a blog called, Facesofhealthcare.ca. Kind of a Humans of New York but about the people in Canadian healthcare.

Graciously, Dr. Simpson, (a Cardiologist and the former head of the Canadian Medical Association) suggested me as a feature subject. He introduced me to the blogs founder, Dr. Andreas Laupacis, (an ER physician) and photographer, Seema Marwaha (a medical student).

Although I’m pretty confident with sharing my journey and my opinions, I did feel a little nervous about being so frank in this interview.

I got over it though.

No point in sharing what I’ve been through if I’m going to sugar-coat it.

I believe I am still here because I can make a difference in medicine – in the act of sharing my story.

Please read. I have also really enjoyed reading other people’s stories . . . especially since http://www.facesofhealthcare.ca is a forum for the full spectrum of healthcare. Patients, doctors, care-givers, etc. Amazing, touching, interesting reading.


Here are some of Seema’s photos. I am getting used to my short hair!

Photo Credit: Seema Marwaha http://www.facesofhealthcare.ca

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