Queen’s Alumni Review

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KGH Connect Newsletter


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Health Quality Ontario 2016

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2016 Heart Failure Report

Link to report as PDF: Heart Failure Report

Readers Digest 1

Reader’s Digest


Readers Digest 2

Feature in Reader’s Digest for Heart Month as spokesperson for Heart & Stroke Foundation Photo Credit: Sat Nanlall

Readers Digest 1 - French

Reader’s Digest en Francais

Readers Digest 2 - French

Reader’s Digest en Français

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Whig Standard Scan

Coverage on the Barry Smith Symposium at Queen’s University. I participated as a panel member and speaker with Leslee Thompson, Dr. Chris Smith and Dr. Brian Goldman. The Topic of the Symposium was, “Patient As Provider”.



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CKWS – Heart and Stroke Foundation for Heart Month: with an emphasis on RESEARCH (video)

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Station 14 – Heart and Stroke for Heart Month – with an emphasis on RESEARCH (video)

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Ontario Hospital Association Annual Report (Video)

CCO ORN Pamphlet

Ontario Renal Network’s Report

photo 1

Queen’s University Department of Medicine Report

photo 2

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Kidney Living Magazine


Viva Magazine

Queen's ENG 1

Scientific Poster

Whig Sept 20 - 13 2

Kingston Whig Standard Newspaper

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