People who work with Karen Nicole as a PATIENT EXPERIENCE ADVISOR have this to say . . .

“I work with Karen in her role of Patient Experience Advisor at KGH. Karen brings a passion and a commitment to all she does. Karen’s wealth of experience as a person living with chronic disease allows her to speak with authority and conviction. Her participation as an advisor has allowed our hospital to profit from her experience and to ensure that decisions made which impact the patient experience are influenced by her perspective as a patient.”


Daryl Bell Professional Practice Leader Spiritual Care
KGH Lead Patient and Family Centred Care Initiative


People who read Karen Nicole’s work as an AUTHOR have this to say . . .

“One of the most refreshing aspects of Karen as a writer is that her writer’s voice perfectly matches her speaking voice. It is eloquent and professional yet completely conversational and relatable — a rare combination. As her editor at the now-defunct pop culture publication CreamWorld magazine, I had the opportunity to work with Karen on a range of articles. Whether it was an interview with a celebrity or a politically conscious piece, Karen impressed me with her willingness to learn from my edits and suggestions, to re-write and to always meet her deadlines. Although her blog is a very different medium than a magazine and, therefore, calls for a different approach to writing, Karen’s voice shines through in the same way. The deeply personal topics she broaches are presented in a professional manner that still allows for emotion, creativity and an engaging read. Kudos, Karen!”


Izabela Szydlo Journalist and current Metro English Canada Food & Family Editor

“Karen’s writings come from a depth in her soul that makes those who read them feel privileged to share her struggle and her victories.”

Daryl Bell Professional Practice Leader Spiritual Care
KGH Lead Patient and Family Centred Care Initiative


People who have worked with Karen Nicole as a SPEAKER have this to say . . .

“I had the pleasure of working with Karen Nicole while I was Area Manager of the Heart and Stroke Foundation. During that time, I was responsible for organizing a fundraising event called Big Bike. During my planning, I developed a strategy that involved showcasing to participants/donors why their efforts are so important. The strategy I developed, lead me to Karen Nicole who has an emotional yet strength inspiring story with her health and specifically her cardiac health. Karen Nicole came to multiple Big Bike event days and spoke to teams before they rode the Big Bike. Many participants expressed to me their gratitude in having Karen Nicole share her story. Karen Nicole was articulate, funny, emotional, and really helped me achieve my strategy. Many thanks to Karen for the great work she’s done and will continue to do by sharing her story for the benefit of others.”

Unknown copy.jpeg

Shaun Cerisano Senior Development Officer, Annual Programs
University Hospitals Kingston Foundation

“I have had the pleasure of working with Karen Nicole as a patient experience advisor in renal rehabilitation.  She was invited by the Canadian Renal Rehabilitation Network on two occasions to provide a candid description of her life and experiences living with kidney and heart disease and the role that exercise and physical activity played in her life.  She spoke from the heart and related well to our mixed group of attendees, who included doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and other health system representatives.  Her transformative talk was identified by many attendees as a highlight of our meeting.”


Dr. Trisha Parsons Assistant Professor, Queen’s University
Chair, Canadian Renal Rehabilitation Network (CRRN)

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