My Message in French . . .

Here in Canada our official languages are English and French. (My french really improved when I lived in Montreal, Quebec but it’s a little rusty now.)

In French-speaking Canada, Reader’s Digest is called Sélection. Cool, huh?

Without further adieu . . . My feature “en français”!

Readers Digest 1 - French.jpg

Photo Credit: Sat Nandllal

Readers Digest 2 - French.jpg

Photo Credit: Sat Nandllal

What a pleasure to see my message shared in another language. I am honoured to share my experience. What about Spanish next??

Here is a link to the Heart and Stroke Foundation website. I love the good work they do there.

Heart and Stroke Foundation


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PODCAST: Voice of the Patient

I had a chance to speak with David Reed for his new podcast, The Voice of the Patient. Dave is a humble but knowledgeable, thoughtful man who practices physiotherapy in North Carolina, USA.

It was wonderful to engage in a straightforward conversation between clinician and patient.


Here is a link to the podcast . . . and a photo (below) of where you will land when you go to the link. Our conversation is #1. Guest: Karen Nicole Smith.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 8.25.20 AM

Wanted to share a little bit about David Reed and also about what he hopes to accomplish with this new podcast, The Voice of the Patient.


PT David Reed

David Reed is a physical therapist with over 10 years of clinical and administrative service in outpatient, acute care, home health, and regulatory settings. He’s been absolutely blessed to have had such breadth and depth of experiences and mentorship from fellow PTs, physicians, and alternative medicine providers during this period. The most important lesson he’s learned so far is that excellent care is at least as much about the service as it is about the science. Probably more so. This is the driving mission behind The Voice of the Patient: To change lives, that is, to improve the quality of the lives we touch by improving healthcare through not only hearing, but truly listening to the voice of the patient.

Please let us know what you think in the comments below. You can also comment on Twitter to Dave at @DReedPT or to me at @KNSwriter.

Please SUBSCRIBE to my blog or to David’s podcast. Don’t miss out on great content!

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Reader’s Digest Feature . . .

My favorite message is my sick to fit message. How amazing it was to learn that I could be a person living with chronic illnesses and still be really fit and physically active.

Who knew???

I was graciously asked to be one of the national spokespeople for Heart & Stroke’s Heart Month campaign this year. And . . . I got to share my sick to fit message in this widely read publication.

Readers Digest 1

Photo Credit: Sat Nandlall

Readers Digest 2

Photo Credit: Sat Nandlall

I love that Trinket gets a little shine too. She is a very good horse that takes good care of me.

My goal in all of this is to help people understand that even with the challenges of living with heart disease – you can still have an amazing life.


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Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.49.06 AM

 Photo Credit: Seema Marwaha

I want to share an amazing experience with you. I had the tremendous opportunity to be interviewed for a blog called, Kind of a Humans of New York but about the people in Canadian healthcare.

Graciously, Dr. Simpson, (a Cardiologist and the former head of the Canadian Medical Association) suggested me as a feature subject. He introduced me to the blogs founder, Dr. Andreas Laupacis, (an ER physician) and photographer, Seema Marwaha (a medical student).

Although I’m pretty confident with sharing my journey and my opinions, I did feel a little nervous about being so frank in this interview.

I got over it though.

No point in sharing what I’ve been through if I’m going to sugar-coat it.

I believe I am still here because I can make a difference in medicine – in the act of sharing my story.

Please read. I have also really enjoyed reading other people’s stories . . . especially since is a forum for the full spectrum of healthcare. Patients, doctors, care-givers, etc. Amazing, touching, interesting reading.

Here are some of Seema’s photos. I am getting used to my short hair!

Photo Credit: Seema Marwaha

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Why I DISAPPEARED . . . (podcast)

Hello!! I’m baaaaaaaaack.

I’ve taken the time to explain what’s happened since I was last present on social media. To say my health has been eventful would be an understatement!!!

I wasn’t ready to do a video so I did an audio instead. (Videos to come.)

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 3.07.01 PM

Here is the link to hear what happened this December and January – from my perspective. Open-heart surgery, lung issues and a rare cancer.

My health is a trip . . . LOL!

Not sure what’s ahead for me.

A few little surprises ahead to share with you. I’ll keep you posted.



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I am not my Hair . . .

This video straddles both my health and my boundlesslife.

My health has taught me more than anything else in my experience.

Losing most of my hair will NOT prevent me from being happy and from enjoying my life.




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