“Being with” but not BEING . . .

I’ve slowed right down on sharing my perspective – either on here on on the vlog I started called, Boundlesslife.

I am learning now how to be with a topic (such as death or cancer) without being that topic. Yes, I am dealing with cancer. Yes, I am facing aspects of my mortality. Yes I am a person living with kidney and heart failure but I am not cancer, death or kidney/heart failure.

My goal now is to share enough of those things to help explain my story but ultimately to concentrate on LIFE.

I competed in my first horseshow a few weeks ago. I’m going to MetLife Center in New Jersey next week to see Beyoncé. I have a list of amazing things on my calendar – including my usual of yoga, meditation, skating and riding lessons.


Esteemed trainer, Cindy Steele, myself and Trinket with my fourth place ribbon. August 28, 2016.

I am to0 busy entertaining life to court death too. Death is standing outside my door, ringing the doorbell (holding his rancid bouquet of roses) . . . and I’m ignoring him. Eventually I know he’ll leave.

With what appears to be a reoccurrence of the angiosarcoma in my heart and no viable options from the doctors, I need to do what I can. I am taking responsibility for my health with a focus on my attitude, on healing, on my activity level, on my spiritual practice and on all the positive support I can muster.

With a feeling that I can only describe as blessed assurance, I feel reassured that I have many years ahead of me.

Here is a feature where I discuss how my cancer diagnosis has impacted me.


Queen’s Alumni Review: Issue 3, 2016

I live with cancer. I live. I am life. LIFE.

To read the article online: Queen’s Alumni Review

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4 Responses to “Being with” but not BEING . . .

  1. Lynda says:


  2. Bell, Daryl W. says:

    Hey Karen, you truly are an amazing person!
    Sending you lots of positive energy!

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