I’ve Been Robbed . . .

Today’s post definitely goes into the “Musings” category. I want to share something that has occurred to me in the last while . . .

I think I was robbed of the memory of “the other side”.

Let me explain . . .

Often when people die on the operating table or spend time in comas, after they come out of the near-death experience, they speak of beautiful, ethereal “happenings”. People share these stories in books and TV shows and in documentaries and I find it so fascinating.


  • Going towards the light.
  • Talking to God.
  • Speaking to family and friends who’ve already passed.
  • Being escorted by a beautiful energy.
  • The feeling of overwhelming peace and love.
  • Hovering over their bodies in a state of no-pain or suffering.

Really interesting stuff . . .

Well, on March 15th, 2011, I had a cardiac arrest, was revived by my boyfriend and Aunt, and then put into a medically induced coma. (There’s a lot more to this story. I’ll devote a post to it one day.) Anyway, as I understand there are just over 24 hours where I was between death and a comatose state.

And in my case . . . NOTHING. I don’t remember jack.

I’ve speculated that I may have spoken with my Mom and brother who have passed. Hung out with family and loved ones. Seen the Divine . . . bathed in heavenly light but if I did I have no recollection of any of it. (That just doesn’t seem fair.)


I nearly died at 18 years old too. I remember some tense hours in ICU with family huddled around me crying. I remember cracking jokes and trying to lighten the mood. My Dad had to ask me to rest instead of trying to make everyone laugh. I don’t remember a glow or light or an angelic visit then either.

I’ve speculated that maybe I’m not meant to remember the “sweet hereafter” until it’s really my time. It might be so wonderful that I don’t fight to come back here to do the work I’m meant to do?

Maybe having that experience would distract me too much from my health story? Maybe I’d want to share the other-world experience instead of my health journey and my time here?

For whatever reason, I don’t have an “other side” story. It frustrates me too because it’s probably simply locked away in my mind. The memories are there but I have no access to them?? I’m am curious.

One day, if I’m brave, I’ll go to a hypnotist and see if they can help me access the memory of that time. The cardiac arrest and the coma – those days.

Maybe not.

Maybe it’s best that I don’t?

Post Scriptum: Now that this post is written I’m thinking it may have been better suited to a video? I am a person with a sense of humor, who loves to laugh, and although there is some truth and seriousness to this post . . . all-in-all I am just having fun. 🙂

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6 Responses to I’ve Been Robbed . . .

  1. Nah–you were not robbed! Seems to me that your memories of the things that are real are vivid; they are what counts. Clearly you treasure your friends and family, whether absent or present and you should treasure THAT! :>) Oh–stay away from the hypnotists. Those ‘recovered’ memories were not. While under hypnosis we are very open to suggestion and are very likely to just make them up. The problem is that memories like that, though completely fictitious SEEM like real ones. That’s just plain dangerous.

    • kns544 says:

      Maurice! Thanks for the comment. I’ll stay away from the hypnotists. The idea scared me anyway. 🙂 Going to check out your blog now. Have a great day!

  2. You can be thankful you don’t recall anything. I have had patients who had very horrible negative memories of their near death experiences. Some went on to change their lives forever, another published a book detailing his horrifying memories.

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