Finding my WHY??

I would like to apologize for not keeping up with my blog recently. I am a person who listens inwardly to the ebbs and flows of my life and when I listened in recently (to consider what to write here) I just didn’t have much in me to give.

I have asked for inspiration and energy to move forward with my writing. I literarily prayed to be inspired . . . and here I am, up at 6am writing my first blog post in a while. (Ask and you shall receive. The timing of when you’ll “receive”? Ummmm . . . errrrr, I better just write and keep my criticism to myself! )


My WHY??

Taking a course on marketing for authors and speakers and a guest lecturer prompted me to consider my “WHY”?


In my case, why am I committed to sharing my story and experience as a person living with kidney failure and heart failure?

I could just concentrate on the work that my life requires to be well. That’s energy to get on the machine, to get to the gym and to make choices about eating well and feeding my soul – through meditation and good reading. That sounds like enough?? 

I do more effort, than simply the basics, because I found my life’s purpose in sharing my experience for the benefit of other patients . . . and for medicine to learn from. I believe my messages can make a difference.

I’ve actually wrote out a list of what I want to give in this lifetime. My “WHY in action”, so to speak:

• share my experience as an example of sick to fit – being fit despite being chronically ill

• share my experience as an example of someone in peak-ish physical shape despite being chronically ill

• share my experience to inspire hope (feeling well and having sick/life balance) to others with chronic illnesses – and with well people too

• share my experience as someone who did not let health concerns become the focal point of my life

• share my experience as a person who has no choice but to have “me time” and life balance

• share my experience to show medicine that there is benefit for their patients in adding fitness to their lives – even if outcomes are considered anecdotal and not as “scientifically significant” as my outcome was

• share my gut-honest truth as to what my journey was like in evolving from a sick person (who didn’t know she could be fit) to a fit person who lives with chronic illnesses

• share my words, my presence, my voice, my consultation to improve ideas, from patient’s and from medicine’s perspective, to improve the medical system in my small way

• share my passion and heart to make a difference for fellow patients (and well people) in any way I can

• share my on-going presence to aid in fundraising and raising awareness for causes and organizations

• to create a non-profit cause for dialysis patients and Stage 5 CKD patients (more about this later)

• sharing all of my stories, e.g. independent dialysis, patient advocacy, patient experience advising, “me time”/balance, etc. (And all of the other messages that emerge as I continue to live.)

• build myself up towards being a servant leader – as I am in the position to speak with more patients, advocate on improving their lives in ways they want

• share my spiritual journey as it relates to my life – for those who are interested


Looking at this list I feel daunted, invigorated and excited . . . many different feelings. (I think your WHY should invigorate you?)

As the guest lecturer suggested, I have printed out my WHY and taped it up so I see it daily.

If I can keep my “eyes on the prize”, I shouldn’t worry about lack of motivation. If I truly believe that my life’s purpose is around using my experience to help others then it is paramount that I get to doing the work.

Who knows who our (all of our) lives are meant to impact? And in what ways?


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